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An Apricorn Return Material Authorization (RMA) is required to return a product covered under a.) New Product Return policy or b.) Product Warranty (covered) policy. After submitting an RMA request, you will receive Apricorn’s approval and RMA number via email. DO NOT return product to Apricorn prior to receiving an RMA number. No replacement, repair or refund will be performed prior to receiving the returned product at Apricorn's facilities.


Before submitting an RMA, please ensure that you have first contacted Apricorn Support and received email verification of your product's eligibility for RMA form submission. RMA form submissions received without prior Apricorn support validation will not be processed.

  1. Once eligibility is confirmed, please complete the online RMA Submission form to the right.
  2. Upon approval and receipt of completed form, you will receive an email from our customer service / support dept. containing your RMA number, a printable pdf of the completed RMA form, and return shipping instructions. Our customer service will then request a digitized copy of your proof of purchase (e.g., sales receipt of the product) to be returned by email to, with your RMA number as the subject line.
  3. All warranty returns must first be received and inspected in our facility before a replacement can be provided.
  4. All new product returns must first be received and inspected in our facility before a refund or credit can be processed.


Returned Apricorn products must arrive free of physical damage or modification. Apricorn’s warranty and return policies will be voided on products received with physical damage or modification (e.g., bent CPU socket pins, damage to the printed circuit board (PCB), water damage, missing parts, etc.), nor to products insufficiently packed for return shipping. We reserve the right to reject / return insufficiently packaged products to original sender at the sender's expense. New product returns must be returned unused in factory condition, packed in their original packaging, with all original components (cables, caps, etc) and documents enclosed.


  • You are free to use the shipping method and courier of your choice.
  • Apricorn recommends obtaining delivery confirmation notifications and tracking numbers.
  • Insurance is optional but is highly recommended. Apricorn is not responsible for any lost or damaged shipment to or from our facilities.


Charges for shipping returned products TO Apricorn are the sole responsibility of the customer. Apricorn may pay ground freight charges (United States and Canada only) to ship a repaired or replacement product. Apricorn is not responsible for any lost or damaged shipment to or from Apricorn. Expedited return shipping, freight insurance, duties and customs charges outside of the United States, and any shipping charges outside of the United States and Canada are the responsibility of the customer .


  • Returned shipment must be postmarked within 30 calendar days of RMA number issuance date.
  • If possible, back up all data from devices being returned before shipping. Apricorn is not responsible for loss or retrieval of data on any returned device.
  • Ensure the drive is properly packaged with padding to protect against damage during shipping, e.g. a new corrugated cardboard box with adequate space for sufficient internal padding around the product. If using a shipping envelope such as FedEx Pak, be sure to first pack the returned product in a padded and securely sealed internal box, such as the original packaging. Note: New product returns must be returned in original packaging.
  • Include a printout of the completed RMA form with barcode (provided by Apricorn support) inside of the packaging.
  • Write RMA number on outside of shipping package above SHIP TO adddress
  • Once the repaired or replacement product is processed and shipped, customer will be notified by email.


If you have any questions about the preceding RMA terms and conditions, please contact our Customer Service by calling (800) 458-5448 option 3. Customer Service can be generally reached 8AM - 5:00PM Pacific M-F.


This web page may be updated from time to time by Apricorn.

Effective 01/31/2021

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