Cashing in on coronavirus in a WFH era


Oliver Pickup, 04-27-2020


With the whole nation working from home, cyber hackers are looking to exploit vulnerabilities in an attempt to steal valuable information

Think very carefully before clicking on a tempting link purporting to be from the World Health Organization (WHO), or similar, with positive information about the cure for COVID-19. Chances are it’ll be a hacker preying on your understandable anxiety about the coronavirus pandemic.

In haste to uncover the supposed good news you could inadvertently reveal personal and professional secrets. Indeed, in these strange times, when it comes to cybersecurity, it’s worth stopping and asking yourself: “WHO – can you trust?”

As millions of us scramble to make sense of this black swan event, and home-working becomes the new normal, criminals are seeking to capitalise on the widespread panic – and succeeding, alas. New coronavirus-themed phishing scams are leveraging fear, hooking vulnerable people and taking advantage of workplace disruption. …Worryingly, Apricorn research published last year found that one third of IT decision-makers admitted... (go to full article)